JONESBORO, Ark.— Hytrol Conveyor Company is partnering with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock through its STRIVE program. The program provides 7 – 12th-grade teachers with experiences to help students become more prepared for the STEM workforce.

Marked Tree teacher Dana Booth is interning from May 31 – July 3 with the company’s Research and Development team to identify real-world situations that utilize science, technology, engineering, and math. She plans to bring those experiences into the classroom next fall.

“I have been surprised by everything that goes into the research and design of a new product,” said Booth. “I’ve noticed teamwork is an important skill to have in the workplace. I will definitely implement the teamwork concept into more lessons that require students to listen to and depend on each other by working as a team to problem-solve.”

During her time at Hytrol, Booth has been helping by supporting testing, diagnostics, and data analytics during new product development. She also has shadowed engineers and lab technicians at Hytrol’s Technology Center.

The STRIVE program started in the early 1990s and focuses on working with STEM teachers to show them first-hand how the skills they teach in the classroom relate to real-world experiences. It also allows businesses to connect with schools for future workforce development.

Booth, who teaches 7th and 8th grade math and quantitative literacy, is participating in STRIVE for the second time. She partnered with the Mammoth Spring National Fish Hatchery in 2016 She reapplied with STRIVE to learn from multiple experiences that she can bring into the classroom.

“Working with Hytrol has been a different experience,” Booth said. “I have been fortunate to observe how a product goes from research and development to becoming a marketable commodity. This will give me a better idea of what skills students need to be prepared for when they enter the workforce.”

“It’s been great having Dana as part of the R & D team,” said Director of Research and Development Ben Moyer. “It’s always good to have fresh perspectives and to foster a learning attitude in R & D.”


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