Warehouse and Distribution

As the demand for cost reduction and quick shipping increases, so does the need for automation in a warehouse or distribution center. Cartons, totes, and pallets travel for extended periods through multiple processes, and can be a matter of simple transportation or very complex controls. Some of the more common methods in these solutions are below, but we pride ourselves on our expertise and ingenuity when it comes to creating these types of systems. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Roller Conveyor

While not the flashiest portion of a system, distribution centers of today often utilize roller conveyor to allow for accumulation of products. These long lines can use zero-pressure or minimum-pressure to allow products to be “stored” for a time. The product is then released into a sortation conveyor or even a palletizer, helping to alleviate bottlenecks and flow issues.

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Distribution centers and warehouses must quickly and accurately sort products, either for shipment or for storage. Sortation conveyors move items from one conveyor to another or off of the conveyor line with accuracy and precision. Hytrol’s line of sliding shoe sorters is designed for high-speed applications where product diverting needs to be positive and gentle; we also provide right angle transfers and sweep sorters for smaller products that help attain higher throughput for your system.

Non-Powered Conveyor

Non-powered conveyor, called gravity conveyor, is simple and straightforward, using inertia or gravity to keep products moving. These sections of conveyor in warehouses and distribution centers may be used at loading and unloading stations, picking modules, or other workstations where employees need to complete a task before moving the product to another zone.

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