Food and Beverage Distribution

Like other distribution experts, food and beverage distributors look for systems that will maximize their throughput while controlling product and utilizing space efficiently. Food and beverage distribution requires perishable and fragile items to be transported quickly and accurately to their customers. Hytrol has created a variety of equipment that eliminates breakage, is easily washed down, and can be integrated with robotics to maximize capacity.

Roller Conveyor

A popular method for both transport and accumulation, roller conveyors require little maintenance and can easily be created with zones to aggregate product on the line. Roller conveyors may be created with tight roller centers to increase product support and minimize breakage—especially important for beverage and liquor distribution—and are easily configurable, with modular options that allow you to change zones and spacing in the system as necessary.

Hytrol’s solutions:

Sliding Shoe Sortation

Sliding shoes are notorious for moving product at very high rates; Hytrol has created a slat shoe option that is designed to resist spillage. This diverting option is positive and gentle, taking into account changes in industry packaging that has contributed to increased breakage on beverage distribution lines. The custom bed and shoe have been designed for easy cleaning while maintaining the throughput needed in a busy distribution center.

Hytrol’s solutions:

Belted Sortation

Belted sortation solutions are comprised of narrow belt sorters or belt-driven sortation sorters. Both of these options are designed to save space and to gently divert fragile objects prone to breakage. These sorters easily utilize both sides of the conveyor and are an important part of internal routing processes for items, streamlining the order flow of medium-size product.

Hytrol’s solutions:

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