Industrial and manufacturing conveyor systems can require anything from the heaviest duty solution to a quieter operation. That’s why Hytrol offers more than a huge variety of solutions; we utilize our team of applications experts to ensure your system will perform at its best. Hytrol’s lines of heavy duty roller conveyor, logic-driven accumulation conveyor, and drag chain conveyor will help your facility optimize its throughput and accuracy.

Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyor is popular for its ease of maintenance and cost effectiveness, but our heavy duty conveyor line is also ideal for conveying large loads and oily parts in different industries. These roller conveyors can convey pallets and drums, and can easily accumulate products on the line. Roller conveyors can either be belt-driven or chain-driven.

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For simple, effective solutions in manufacturing, live roller conveyors with zero-pressure accumulation capabilities can be used to streamline flow. Adding control over product flow allows for a more flexible manufacturing process and helps to ensure a high level of workmanship, as products can be held while quality assurance checks are made downstream.

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Heavy Duty Drag Chain

Horizontal drag chain conveyors can convey capacities up to 6000 pounds, making them ideal for pallets with large loads. Their reliability, safety, and integration with palletizers make them a viable solution for many types of operations.

Hytrol’s solutions:

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