Can I buy directly from Hytrol?

Back when we started, we made a promise to be the best at what we do: manufacturing material handling systems. Therefore, we do not sell direct. Instead, we work with a system of third-party integrators—our Integration Partner Network—who are the best at what they do: selling and implementing material handling systems. We’ve worked with integration partners for more than 70 years to provide the most advanced equipment possible, and we wholeheartedly believe that this relationship is what’s best for our customers.

Can I buy Hytrol products from any integrator I find?

No. Our Integration Partner Network is expansive, but specific. We always want to make sure our relationship is the right fit, so we seek integration partners who are the best at implementing the right solutions and providing great customer service at every step.

What industries does Hytrol provide solutions for?

We can provide solutions for nearly every industry, from manufacturing to parcel to distribution & fulfillment. Our product line is always expanding and we work hand-in-hand with our integration partners to make sure you get the solution you need for your operation. While Hytrol doesn’t offer bulk handling for raw materials (like gravel, sands and powders), our integration partners are experts at providing complete solutions with the best equipment possible.

Where is your catalog?

Right here.

Am I limited to the models or systems I see on your website?

Absolutely not. We have a team of engineers ready to create custom solutions and unique system designs to accommodate your business’ needs. Some of our greatest innovations have come from providing these unique solutions for our customers. If you’re looking for a system for your company, just let us know.

Do you offer training?

We’ve been training customers since 1970, and we’re not stopping. We want you to know how to use our solutions, so we offer free training seminars for both end users and integration partners on EZLogic®, maintenance, and systems maintenance. You can also choose on-site training as an option, where we can create a program tailored to your equipment and maybe more cost-effective for a group of people.

How can I find maintenance tips and support?

There are a few ways you can get information on maintenance:

  • Ask Hytrol: This is a video series we’ve created to outline and explain common maintenance questions we receive from our customers. There are nearly 50 videos and more are being added all the time.
  • Maintenance Manuals: We have a maintenance manual for every standard item we manufacture available to download for free. These manuals cover ordering replacement parts, proper installation procedures, safety precautions, troubleshooting and other specifications for each piece of equipment.
  • Support: The Hytrol Customer Care team is equipped with the knowledge to resolve your issues quickly, no matter the day or time. Call at 1-844-4HYTROL, email at wecare@hytrol.com, or start a live chat with us.

Can I see a Hytrol system in action?

Sure can. Take a look at some of our case studies and videos here, or you can find specific equipment videos on our YouTube channel.

How do I order spare parts?

All spare parts are ordered through your integration partner. The good news is that if you download The Hytrol Toolbox app, you can do that right from your phone or tablet. The Toolbox app lets you search for parts, create and export wishlists, download installation, and maintenance manuals, and more. It’s totally free, so you can start saving time right away.