Manufacturing Case Studies

Baking Products

Key System Solutions: EZLogic®, Warehouse Management System, Sortation System, Carton Cube, Loading

Product Handles: Baking and Cake Decorating Products, Party Goods


A baking and decorating products manufacturer’s booming growth brought a challenge to keep pace with increasing order volume. Hytrol and the integration partner created a system with a new RF-based paperless picking operation and a sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS) to help achieve record levels of productivity, with the capacity to achieve even higher levels in the future.


“Our primary objectives were to increase throughput and accuracy,” said the Vice President of Operations. “Since the installation was completed in June of last year, we’ve made great gains in throughput and now we’re beginning to see some significant improvement in accuracy as well.”

Commercial Refrigeration Products

Key System Solutions: Hytrol Drag Chain Conveyor, EZLogic®, Hytrol Gravity Conveyor, Pneumatic Lift

Product Handles: Refrigerated Food Cases


A global facility needed to expand its refrigerated food case production capacity in response to strong sales growth, and turned to Hytrol. The new installation consists mainly of Hytrol chain-driven and drag chain conveyors utilizing zero-pressure accumulation. The line consists of segments that are capable of being programmed as either a workstation or an accumulation zone. There’s also an accumulation, or buffer zone, set up between each workstation.


With the accumulation capability, workers can effectively control the release of cases from one zone to another. Safety controls engineered into tread plates on the conveyor and under the floor mats at each workstation prevent the cases from moving to the next zone if anyone is standing on the plates or mats. This is an extremely important safety feature as workers do much of the assembly work on or next to the conveyors.


In addition to improving production capacity by more than 50 percent in a few short weeks, the new conveyor system has delivered a number of other key benefits. Workflow flexibility has improved dramatically thanks to the computer controls and streamlined movement of cases from zone to zone. There’s also much more efficient labor utilization. In addition, the operators enjoy a heightened sense of ownership because they now have more control in the assembly process.

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