Third-Party Logistics Case Studies

DotCom Distribution

Key System Solutions: EZLogic®, E24™, Sortation Conveyor

Product Handles: eCommerce


Hytrol and the integration partner collaborated to produce an automated material handling system capable of meeting the customer’s current business needs, while also allowing for future growth. The new system accommodates increased capacity, accuracy, and speed while creating a significant reduction in labor.


The system incorporates many unique applications of Hytrol equipment. A prime example is the use of E24™ and EZLogic® to pull a gap between products prior to entering the scanning station. This customized process allows the system an energy-efficient and simplified means for accumulation.


Hytrol’s material handling system integrates seamlessly with the customer’s warehouse management system, shipping sorter, and PLC-based control system. Prior to implementation, the customer was limited by proprietary software, which restricted throughput capacity and future system development. By working with their integration partner, the customer was able to install an open software solution, allowing for flexibility and expansion of the system.


Orders are batch picked to a cart and brought to packing benches, where each product is placed into a designated shipping carton. From this point, the carton is placed on a takeaway conveyor and delivered to Hytrol’s Gapper-L where an overhead scanner reads the carton ID and an in-motion scale captures the weight and dimensions. This information is sent directly to the warehouse management system, and the cartons are then sorted, based on destination. By fully understanding the customer’s business requirements, Hytrol and the integration partner were able to design the most efficient system for the customer’s boutique-style strategy.

SalSon Logistics

Key System Solutions: EZLogic®, ProSort 400

Product Handles: Supply Chain Management


Hytrol and the integration partner worked diligently with SalSon Logistics to implement an automated material handling system capable of processing the customer’s large volume of product. The conveyor system gives SalSon the ability to deconsolidate five times the amount of product compared to their previous system.


Prior to implementing the Hytrol system, product sorting at SalSon was a manual process. Products were brought into the facility on simple flex conveyor. Labels were then sorted and scanned by hand, and delivered to pallet stations. Because the operation depended on physical labor, the daily output was limited by labor capacity. “Just to put things in perspective, prior to having this automated system we would sort on a huge day about 20,000 cartons,” President/CEO of Salson, Anthony Berritto, said. “Today, with the system in full force, we do about 100,000 cartons.”


The system is comprised of several customized applications including a unique merging solution, allowing product from the five-lane receiving area to merge to one line. With EZLogic® functionality, the system pulls gaps between individual boxes and streamlines product as it moves into the sortation area. Hytrol and the integration partner worked with SalSon Logistics to develop an efficient sortation solution capable of providing high-speed sorting and accuracy throughout their process. Hytrol’s ProSort 400 Elite provides dual-side sortation, allowing product to be delivered to trucks on one side and to pallet-building stations on another.

Cal Cartage

Key System Solutions: ProSort 400, RB

Product Handles: Retail boxes and cartons


Hytrol and the integration partner worked diligently with Cal Cartage to implement an automated material handling system capable of processing the customer’s large volume of product. The conveyor system gives Cal Cartage the capacity to deconsolidate up to 20 containers at the same time, with 4 additional doors for future growth.


Because Cal Cartage wanted to reserve half of the facility for potential new customers, the entire operation had to be accomplished using only one side of the building. When designing the system to fit this unique footprint, Hytrol and the integration partner leveraged material handling solutions that would deliver the amount of throughput needed to make the operation profitable. The system uses a specialized method of induction to feed two of the most advanced sliding shoe sorters in the industry. Each ProSort 400 is over 700 feet long.


The ability to control the product while maintaining high levels of throughput is critical to the success of a 3PL. Hytrol’s advanced sortation system works with the custom controls solution to determine the destination for each product, which affords Cal Cartage the ability to maximize trailer fill.

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