e-Commerce Case Studies

Educational Development Corporation

Key System Solutions: EZLogic® Sortation & Accumulation, Gravity Conveyors

Product Handles: Books


After seeing rapid growth over the span of one year, EDC needed to expand their operations due to limited capacity. Hytrol and the integration partner were there to help.


The children’s book publisher moved their operations into a new, much larger facility where the decision was made to change operations to a divert system after receiving recommendations from the integration partner.


The divert system utilizes EZLogic® to take color-coded cartons to pickers. Sensors detect when a packer has sufficient work in their area and diverts them to the next available packer creating a more efficient process. A lighting system and alarm were also added to alert an employee if a package has stayed too long in one area.


Once picking is completed, Hytrol conveyors transport the packages to void fill stations before they are moved to trucks on a flexible conveyor.


Key System Solutions: Pivot WCS, E24™, Accumulation Conveyor

Product Handles: Outdoor goods


Hytrol and the integration partner worked with Backcountry to develop a unique solution capable of providing an increase in their logistic footprint and fulfillment space, while reducing processing costs and shipping expenses. The system is comprised of several customized applications, one of which provides a noteworthy approach to the traditional “pick and pass” order fulfillment process. This solution utilizes an overhead conveyor spine to vertically sort product to the three levels of the pick module. This allows the main conveyor line to transport customer-order totes only, while replenishment and empty totes are transported directly to their specified zone.


By approaching the sortation process from a three-dimensional perspective, the integration partner was able to develop a cost-effective and efficient system with optimal throughput. The layout of each pick module is also significantly reduced, allowing for a greater efficiency of labor and less movement for employees.


The system is designed to transport totes of outdoor goods from the pick-to-pick routing area to one of two packaging lines, each with 20 stations fed by an overhead accumulation conveyor, which minimizes the need to offload totes during peak picking periods.

LD Products

Key System Solutions: E24™, Roller Conveyor, Gravity Conveyor

Product Handles: Printing and Office Supplies


Hytrol and the integration partner worked with LD Products to create an energy-efficient automated material handling system capable of growing with the company. While meeting all of the standards to qualify for LEED-certification, the new system allows for future expansion, including increased capacity, accuracy, and speed.


The system is comprised of many energy-efficient and unique applications of Hytrol technology. A key component of the system is the use of Hytrol’s E24™ 24-volt technology, which is used to transport totes and shipping cartons from an A-frame system to one of several areas, including the consolidation put-to-light system, manual small package area, and the USPS packing area.


As the system integrates seamlessly with the customer’s warehouse management system and the WCS (Intersort WCS), orders are quickly transported based on quantity, location, bucket size, shipping carton size and the weight of the shipping carton.

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