JONESBORO, Ark. — Hytrol Conveyor Company is pleased to announce its “Tower of Strength” honor has recognized over 50 employees.


On Friday, Sept. 27, the company inducted Jackie Coffman, Mike Owens, Gregg Smith, Sherry Stringer, and Russell Timmons to reach 53 total honorees. All members, past and present, have been employed with Hytrol for 40 years or more.


Each honoree is presented with a metal plaque engraved with their name, likeness, and the following commendation:


“Presented in recognition of 40 or more years of service to the Hytrol Conveyor Company. Loyal commitment and continuing dedication are part of the success of our company and the strength of the Hytrol Family.”


All plaques reside in the Hytrol office area to serve as a reminder of service and commitment.


“Not many companies can say they have employees committed to working with them for 40 years or more,” said Hytrol President David Peacock. “The men and women who reach this milestone serve as a reminder of the culture established by Mr. Loberg and their commitment provides inspiration to our entire Hytrol Family.”


Earlier this year another Hytrol employee was recognized for being the first employee to reach 50 years of service.


For more information on Hytrol, visit www.hytrol.com.


About Hytrol:


Hytrol designs and manufactures advanced conveyor systems for its customers. For more than 70 years, Hytrol has focused on creating innovative, customized conveyor solutions that help companies achieve their goals.