Hytrol Promotes Rebekah Cole to Director of Administration

JONESBORO, Ark.—Hytrol Conveyor Company is proud to announce the promotion of Rebekah Cole to Director of Administration. Cole first joined Hytrol in April of 1998 as an intern and has held several roles within the company, starting as an information systems analyst. Cole performed the role of assistant administrator beginning in 2004 and was promoted to manager of administration in 2019.

In her role as director, Cole oversees the administration staff and functions of the company—primarily as it pertains to banking, payroll and benefits. She and her team work closely with Hytrol’s human resources and other departments within the company to ensure smooth onboarding processes and the timely distribution of funds and benefits. Cole also plays a key role in updating and implementing organizational policies as needed.

Cole said, “My goal is to continue to do everything in my power to support Hytrol’s amazing employees. We really do have the best people and working alongside Tom Loberg and his family has impressed upon me the importance of a collaborative and uplifting workplace culture. I hope my coworkers view me as an advocate and someone willing and able to help them.”

Hytrol’s Chief Compliance Officer Bob West said, “Rebekah is a talented and dedicated person and administrator who stuns the people around her with the depth of knowledge that she has about Hytrol and its processes. Her compassionate approach to leadership and willingness to put words into action are key for her role and an asset to the Hytrol family.”

Cole is a graduate of Arkansas State University and has a bachelor’s degree in management information systems. She grew up in Hoxie and enjoys spending time with her family, including her granddaughter, Holley Jane.

About Hytrol:

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