Daniel Aspinwall Promoted to Director of Integrator Services

JONESBORO, Ark.—Hytrol Conveyor Company is pleased to announce that Daniel Aspinwall has been promoted to Director of Integrator Services. Aspinwall has been with the company since 1997 and has over 25 years of experience in the industry. He’s held several positions within the company including Project Engineer, Project Manager, Manager of Quality Assurance, Parcel Product Manager and Parcel Business Unit Manager.  

In his new role Aspinwall will lead the Integrator Services team comprised of Systems Application Engineering and System Project Engineering personnel for Hytrol’s traditional and parcel markets. This leadership role connects the departments more efficiently and provides comprehensive service to its customers.

Hytrol’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mitch Smith said, “For more than 76 years, the Integration Partner Network has been vital to Hytrol’s success, and  Daniel’s 25 years of experience will play a major role in maintaining these important relationships. Daniel has held several customer facing roles and has always excelled at taking care of our customers. He is a perfect fit for this new position, and I’m excited to see him further strengthen the bonds we have with our partners.”

Aspinwall said, “I’m excited at the opportunity to serve this great group of men and women. My career has led me to this point, and I pray I can prove worthy of the Integrator Services Team and our Integration Partners we care for each day.”

Aspinwall is originally from Waldron, Arkansas but has spent most of his life in Jonesboro. A graduate of Arkansas State University, he holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing. He enjoys traveling with his wife and spending time with his three granddaughters.

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