Hytrol and Cisco-Eagle Celebrate 50 Years

JONESBORO, Ark.—Cisco-Eagle has been recognized for its 50 years of partnership with Hytrol Conveyor Company during the 2022 Hytrol Convention hosted in October.

Hytrol hosts a Convention every five years to honor and collaborate with their integration partners. Hytrol exclusively sells through their Integration Partner Network—a network of independent businesses from across the globe who bring Hytrol products to market Cisco-Eagle is one such integration partner who provide material handling systems and equipment. The company offers solutions for products throughout their manufacture, distribution, consumption, and disposal. Darein Gandall, Cisco-Eagle’s President, accepted the award at Hytrol’s 2022 Convention in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Mitch Smith, Vice President of Business Development states, “We want to thank Cisco-Eagle for its 50 years of dedicated partnership. We hope there are many more to come!” He goes on to stress, “It is only through partnerships like we have with Cisco-Eagle that we find the success we do at Hytrol.”

To view all the 2022 Hytrol Convention award recipients, please visit here.

About Hytrol:

Hytrol designs and manufactures advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions for customers with processing, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution needs. For 75 years, Hytrol has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to understanding the unique material handling needs of businesses. Hytrol is focused on creating innovative, customized conveyor solutions that help companies achieve their goals. Follow Hytrol on Twitter @hytrol.