Hytrol Partners on Developing New Coating For Conveyor Systems

Photo Courtesy of: University of Arkansas
(Photo Courtesy: University of Arkansas)

JONESBORO, Ark. – Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. in collaboration with the University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University were awarded the National Science Foundation Grant to develop low-friction, durable graphite-lubricant coatings for industrial conveyor systems.

Hytrol’s Product Innovation Manager Ty Keller and Chief Engineer Boyce Bonham will serve as co-principal investigators. The pair will be responsible for the technical direction of the project. As the product is developed, Hytrol will provide the facilities and materials for “real-world” application tests and measure energy efficiency gains between non-coated and coated slider pans. 

“This partnership allows us to investigate a novel solution that benefits the industry from a noise and energy consumption perspective, allows us to work with potential future employees (students), and drives advancements within our industry’s sustainability efforts. These factors continue Hytrol’s role as an industry leader,” said Keller.

Min Zou leads the University of Arkansas research and development team on the project, is a professor of mechanical engineering, and is an Arkansas Research Alliance Fellow. Zou’s research focuses on nanoscale materials and manufacturing. In addition, she is an international expert on surface engineering and tribology — the study of friction, wear and lubrication in the design of bearings, and interacting surfaces in motion.

To learn more about the project, visit the University of Arkansas website.

About Hytrol:

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