JONESBORO, Ark. — Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc has announced a major work schedule change across its production facility and an increase in its workforce. The company is implementing a 4-day work week while adding 35 new positions to its employee base.


Hytrol will transition from a traditional five-day workweek with three shifts to a work schedule featuring two four-day 10-hour shifts production facility-wide with an additional two 12-hour shifts working Friday through Sunday.


“These changes are necessary for the growth of our company, and supported by plenty of studies that show this work schedule improves morale, safety, and communication across facilities,” said Hytrol Vice President of Operations Jack Roberts. “By going forward with these changes, we hope to increase efficiency and enhance the work-life balance of our team members. These changes are beneficial for Hytrol and our employees in the long run.”


Hytrol has seen significant growth over the past several years and this growth has often impacted the work-life balance of their workforce. This adjustment to the plant work hours will better enable Hytrol to align the company’s growth and core value of family.


“Family to us means that we care for people at work and at home,” Hytrol President David Peacock said. “We’re striving to do that while also making sure to optimize the way we manufacture our products. By implementing these changes, we are increasing our workforce to meet the needs of our customers in an industry that is always changing.”


The company will begin transitioning to the new schedule starting February 3 and fully integrate the entire facility by March 1. New positions at Hytrol are expected to be available by April. Hytrol is the largest manufacturer in the Jonesboro area.


If you have any questions or request more information about these changes at Hytrol, please contact Jack Roberts at jroberts@hytrol.com.


For more information on Hytrol, visit www.hytrol.com.



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