JONESBORO, Ark. — Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. has announced two new conveyor models, the Gapper D and Gapper O, to its line of gapping solutions.


These gapping conveyors create space between packages to improve throughput and accuracy during sortation. The gaps also make it easier to print and apply labels, read barcodes, weigh packages, and sort packages. They are designed for feeding sawtooth merges, combiners, sorters, or any other application requiring a gap between packages.


“We understand the needs of our customers are always changing,” said President David Peacock. “By offering more options with our line of gappers we are striving to provide even more innovative material handling solutions.”


The Gapper D uses a direct gap ratio for blow-through gapping for systems with products that are similar in size. The Gapper O utilizes optimization to create gaps for products of various sizes. Sensors are placed along the conveyor to recognize packages and ensure that gap distances are consistent, while the conveyor either speeds up or slows down to re-distribute the gaps.


Both conveyors feature auto belt tracking, a spring tension take-up indicator, precision bearings, and one-piece design. The auto belt tracking feature automatically tracks the belt during normal operation, reducing maintenance and downtime. The spring tension take-up allows users to easily verify proper belt tension using a visual indicator, so no additional inspection equipment is required.


“We received feedback from our integration partners on ways we can improve our gapping solutions,” said Director of Research and Development Ben Moyer. “The Research and Development team made essential improvements to these new products to put us at the forefront of our industry.”


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