Tacker Named Director of Parcel Business Development

JONESBORO, Ark. — Trav Tacker has been named Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc.’s Director of Parcel Business Development.

In his new role, Tacker is responsible for Parcel Business Development within Hytrol’s Integration Partner network and parcel end users.

“I look forward to bringing my technical background to this position as we grow our parcel team. I am also excited for the opportunity to learn new skills in Business Development as we grow our parcel business,” said Tacker.

Tacker was a founding member of Hytrol’s Parcel Team. He has served the company as a design engineer, project engineer, project manager and parcel product manager.

“Trav’s experience and knowledge with our parcel products are unmatched,” said Mitch Smith, Vice President of Business Development. “He is a great addition to our business development leadership.”

Tacker has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Manufacturing and has 14 years of experience in the material handling industry.

About Hytrol:

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