JONESBORO, Ark. — Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. announces the industry’s first all-electric narrow belt accumulation conveyor, NBEZ, is available for purchase from its integration partners.


The all-electric design employs magnets to accumulate packages during operation. The magnets are utilized in place of traditional pneumatics that stop packages and save users money, as an air supply and accessories are not needed.


“Hytrol is extremely proud to introduce the NBEZ to the market,” said President David Peacock. “The innovative all-electric design provides users with benefits that will improve their overall operations. Our R & D Team was challenged and they delivered. With their continued forward-thinking, Hytrol is able to push the limits of material handling.”


Another innovation included on the NBEZ is the belt wrap for the drive pulley. It consists of a back-wrap making belt replacement quicker and easier because the drive pulley does not have to be removed, thus reducing downtime.


The NBEZ also offers longer conveyor runs for one drive, a roller set low design (built-in guardrails), and 12-foot channels. A spring take-up indicator, a viewing window, is built into the channel so operators can check the conveyor’s belt tension without stopping operations.


“When we built Hytrol’s first narrow belt accumulator we wanted it to be a game-changer and it is,” said Director of Research and Development Ben Moyer. “The R & D team created a conveyor that provides operational, maintenance, and economic benefits for the user.”


The company was awarded its latest patent, no. 10,081,492, from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its work on the NBEZ.


Hytrol sells through an exclusive network of integration partners. The industry-leading network includes more than 100 independent businesses worldwide who can assist with material handling projects of all shapes and sizes.


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Accumulation conveyors are used to hold or buffer products into areas such as merges, sortation, or palletizers. Narrow belt conveyors are roller conveyors that are powered by a narrow belt below the rollers and provide longer runs per drive.


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