Material handling in the pharmaceutical industry requires precision. The systems must be easily cleaned and sanitized while performing at the highest levels. Whether it is transport, sortation, or palletizing, Hytrol has a solution.

Plastic Chain

Plastic chain conveyors are narrow, flexible belts that offer product stability. They are utilized within the Connex™ aluminum line which provides a compact design that can include inclines, declines, or spirals. The plastic belt chain conveyors can also be easily integrated into your material handling system.

Hytrol’s solutions:

Small Item Sortation

Sorting small items can be tricky due to the size and weight of the products. These conveyors use precision and accuracy to sort products from one conveyor to another in preparation for distribution. Diverts and mergers can be used, and Hytrol also provides right angle transfers that help attain a higher throughput.

Hytrol’s solutions:

Plastic Belt

Plastic belt conveyors are versatile and can handle small to heavy loads. They are built with sprockets instead of pulleys so there are no belt tracking issues and the products maintain their integrity during flow. Their waterproof design also makes them easily cleaned and sanitized.

Hytrol’s solutions:

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