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Hytrol continued to enjoy upward growth during the remainder of the 1970’s. The distributor network was expanded to cover virtually every area of the United States, Canada, and even beyond. Conveyor system orders were now becoming commonplace at Hytrol’s International Headquarters in Jonesboro. The Stockyard set new records almost every month. Times were good for Tom, Sam, Ralph, the Distributor Network, and the entire Hytrol Family. After the 1972 Distributor Convention, the decision was made to have a convention every four years. At the conventions, the spouses would be invited to come and take part in the festivities. In between the conventions, a plan was formulated to hold a “Distributor Conference” where all distributors and key salesmen would be invited. At these conferences, new products would be shown and conveyor workshops would be held to keep the distributors informed of Hytrol’s product line. Other sales, engineering, and production information was also shared during the conferences. And there was always entertainment provided to keep the event lively and fun. Conferences were scheduled starting in 1975 and every four years thereafter. The Hytrol Flight department had become a key part of service to the distributors and Hytrol customers. David Vaughan, a pilot from Little Rock, Arkansas, was first hired to help pilot the Hytrol Piper Navajo. He eventually took on more responsibility as a part of the sales promotion and marketing department and went on many trips to customer installations, gathering photos and information for the Hi-Lites articles. As Hytrol acquired larger planes, Dave was appointed Manager of Aviation. The Hytrol flight department provided a unique service to the distributor organization by bringing the distributor and customer to Jonesboro to discuss their needs. This time also offered Hytrol the opportunity to “show off” the plant and put Hytrol in an excellent chance to receive the order, or future orders. Many times, after a customer came and saw what Hytrol had to offer, the distributor received an order for a larger, more elaborate system. The use of the air fleet became a key part of Hytrol’s philosophy of making it easier for the customer to do business with his local distributor and Hytrol. The Hytrol flight department grew in the 70’s and 80’s with the acquisition of a series of King Air planes. In 1984, Hytrol traded one of the King Air planes for a Lear Jet. 21 t r i u m p h s a n d t r a g e d i e s