TheHytrolStory_19 (1)

The story goes that he was conceived in Argentina and born in Fredonia, New York, of Sicilian parents. A unique beginning for a very unique man. Sam Leone was born on May 22, 1921, one of six children, three boys and three girls. Sam was the youngest of the three boys and had one younger sister. When he was seven years old, he had an accident. A fall injured his hip and left him permanently handicapped. But Sam never let that disability stop him from living life to its fullest. After graduating from high school, he aspired to be a lawyer. He applied at the University of Buffalo for a scholarship and was granted a scholarship of $100 per semester. Unfortunately, at that time, his parents couldn’t afford to pay the rest of the tuition, so Sam reluctantly had to turn it down. About that time, a friend told Sam about a division of the New York state government that provided tuition for handicapped people. With that tuition, in 1941, he went to business college at Chown College. The head of the college suggested that Sam take the two-year business course. This course included shorthand and typing. He told Sam that with that education, he could get employment in a corporation as a male secretary. When Sam began the shorthand course he became discouraged and was ready to give it up. But the college head encouraged him to stick with it as it could lead to an important secretarial job for an executive. Sam eventually agreed to finish the course. After graduation, the college helped their students find employment and, in 1943, Sam was able to land a job as a male secretary with the Associated Industries of New York State. This was a commission which lobbied to get laws passed to help other industries in the state. Sam was secretary to a Mr. Redman. Mr. Redman traveled around to the various industries in the state, making visits and inquiring as to what the industries needed. He would then present the case of the company to help get laws passed to assist the firm in its endeavors. Sam realized he would enjoy traveling and talking to people, too, and made his wishes known. He was told, that, 5 s a m l e o n e