TheHytrolStory_19 (1)

made special presentations and emotional words spoken of their love for Tom. If you had the wonderful opportunity to be there, I am sure you would have felt the spiritual feeling that was present that night. Then, Tom Loberg rose and made his way to the microphone. He only said a few words, but they captured the whole essence of Hytrol’s success. Those few words were from the heart: “I’m not that smart. . .Sam and Ralph aren’t that smart. . .they’ll both admit it. (light laughter from the audience) We had that fourth chair with us all the time. (laughter dies) We had problems we couldn’t solve. But we solved them when we just listened. And it’s been a wonderful experience to be together with two people I love so much. Our mechanical problems, our conveyor problems, our selling problems; all came natural when we put it in that light. The Man Upstairs took care of us all the time. . .That’s all I can say. It’s been a wonderful experience. I hope it keeps going. I’m going to do everything I can to keep it that way.” And then, there was a standing ovation as Tom, Sam, and Ralph left the stage. Thanks to you guys---and the Man Upstairs--- we have Hytrol!