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On February 1, 1980, Ralph Pocobello officially retired from Hytrol. No one could deny that the number of contributions made by Ralph to the Hytrol Family were countless. His examples, experience, and inspiration were part of the driving force that made Hytrol a leader in the conveyor field. His retirement party was an emotional moment for everyone who attended. The 1980’s brought several significant changes to Hytrol. On February 8, 1980, Hytrol held opening ceremonies for the new Western Conveyor Stockyard in the San Francisco area. It was another bold move for Hytrol but one that proved to be a positive one. The Western Stockyard served the western area for many years. February, 1980, also saw the introduction of the Hytrol Gravity Rack product line. Over 50 distributors came to Jonesboro to attend the Gravity Rack program. Gravity Rack was a natural addition to Hytrol’s line since rack and conveyor were often used in conjunction with one another. Gravity Rack was manufactured for many years until Hytrol sold the product line to another rack manufacturer. Hytrol’s experience with rack was a positive one, but it also strengthened the belief that Hytrol’s main product line was and should always be conveyors. Like Hytrol, many of the Hytrol distributors experienced growth through the years. A number of firms grew from small “Mom & Pop” operations to large, incorporated businesses. The Hi-Lites often featured a Hytrol Distributor breaking ground for a new building or moving into a larger location. Hytrol Sales School number 50 graduated in April 1983. Almost 900 distributor students had attended the Hytrol schools since their inception in 1970. The Sales School program has undoubtedly been a great benefit to the distributor organization. It is interesting to note that many of Hytrol’s competitors made attempts to copy the Hytrol Sales School program. But as any distributor who had attended a competitor’s school can tell you, Hytrol still has the best and the most fun sales school in the industry! On June 6, 1983, Sam Leone officially retired from Hytrol. Sam’s title at the time was Executive Director, Marketing and Distribution, and he was still quite involved with the sales and marketing programs at Hytrol. His retirement, however, did not mean he wouldn’t be working! Sam opened 22 g e n e r a l h i s t o r y s i n c e t h e e i g h t i e s