TheHytrolStory_19 (1)

T h i s b o o k w a s c o m p i l e d a n d w r i t t e n f r o m t h e f o l l o w i n g s o u r c e s : An interview with Tom Loberg and Sam Leone, October 22, 2003 A telephone interview with Tom Loberg, November 10, 2003 An interview with Phil Jones, November, 2003 An interview with Sam Leone, January 12, 2004 An interview with Bud Dacus and Fred Cunningham in December, 2003 Video tape of an interview with Tom Loberg, Sam Leone, and Ralph Pocobello made in October, 1988 Other miscellaneous telephone calls and conversations with Tom and Sam The book “The Hytrol Story” by Sam Leone A n d o t h e r s o u r c e s i n c l u d i n g : The “Legacy” Book from Hytrol’s 50th Anniversary The Hytrol Hy-Lites newsletters The Hytrol Daily Courier newspapers The Hytrol HYTROLLER newsletters Announcements, Letters, Advertisements, and other official and non-official Hytrol papers and literature . . .and my own personal knowledge from 27 plus years with Hytrol. --David E. Snow