Food Distribution Case Studies

Pacific Coast Cherry Packers

Key System Solutions: EZLogic® Accumulation

Product Handled: Cherries

PCCP uses cases to convey cherries quickly during peak season. Cherries must be harvested, packed and on a retailer’s shelf in a matter of days. Their new solution needed to be cost effective, utilizing Sage’s existing material handling equipment while creating a robust sortation system that could handle the increasing throughput rates and number of SKUs.

Because of a project on Sage Fruit’s apple picking line, Verbrugge knew he wanted to utilize Hytrol’s accumulation conveyor. The company soon found an integration partner that could implement the system.

Cases at PCCP are manually inducted into two lines with five merge points each. Using logic to control the pressure of the product, individual break meters release cases into the takeaway lines and into the stampers. They’re then consolidated into a single line using a 2-to-1 merge and travel into the sortation area. In the sorter, cases are justified, gapped, scanned, tracked and diverted into their assigned lanes, where they are palletized and prepared for shipping.

"I look at dependability. I look at service, reliability in terms of them being able to follow through with what they say they can do, and also [do so] on a budget—so that people can come in on time, on budget and back up what they do with reliable service,” said Peter Verbrugge, President of Sage Fruit Company.

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