Hytrol Catalog

CATALOG | 08312018 Transnorm Safeglide Chute TS-CHUTE The Transnorm Safeglide® Spiral Chute exhibits a sophisticated and controlled method of delivering most products from a higher elevation down a lower level. These chutes are available in four (4) sizes to accommodate a large range of products. Other degrees available. Contact Transnorm. • Multiple Sizes and Configurations • Center Column with Glass wrapped around it • Gel Coat Surface F.O.B. Arlington, Texas • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT EXTENSIONS –12ga. Galv. Infeed and Exit Extension’s available upon need. CUSTOM COLORS –Available (Contact factory), Paint chip may be required. • STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS MATERIAL - 3/8”thick Fiberglass with a Gel Coat surface COLUMN - 6.6”Diameter, Steel Column ACCUMULATION- Allowed. Chute is self-starting once bottom is cleared out. EXIT SWOOP- Standard exit to allow smooth discharge. *May not be applicable depending on design configuration. BASE PLATE- 3’x 3’square base plate with leveling bolts and Anchor holes. Counter - Clockwise Clockwise CONFIGURATIONS: Overall Outside Diameter Elevation Differential * * For warranty/spare parts contact Transnorm System’s customer service. Please provide Transnorm’s serial number. Transnorm System Inc. 2810 Avenue E East Arlington, TX 76011 Phone: 1-800-331-1749 X 249 Fax: (972) 606-0768