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CATALOG | 08312018 PROSORT SC1 & SC2 Horizontal Belt Sortation Conveyor The Model ProSort SC series of sorters are belt driven sortation conveyors. The belt concept provides a reliable method of tracking packages to the divert stations. Take- away spurs may be skatewheel-type or powered-type slaved from the main sorter. • 4 Belt Widths • Right Hand, Left Hand or Two-Sided Diverts Available • Adjustable MS-Type Floor Supports Available SHAFT-MOUNTED GEAR MOTOR TWO-SIDED DIVERTER SINGLE-SIDED DIVERTER SLAVED SPUR LENGTH 6" DISCHARGE TAIL PULLEY MIN. 8'-6" (HEAVY DUTY STANDARD DRIVE) MIN 10'-0" (HIGH PERFORMANCE DRIVE) 8-3/16" FROM OF DIVERTER TO INSIDE CORNER OF SPUR CHANNEL POSITIONING DIVERTER (FOR TWO-SIDED SORTERS) 19-1/4" TOP OF BELT 2-1/2" SNUB IDLER 17-1/2" TOP OF BELT 2-1/2” SNUB IDLER 3-1/4" INFEED TAIL PULLEY 8'-0" MIN. 24" MIN. TO INFEED OF SECTION MIN. DIVERTCENTERS FLOW OPTIONAL MS TYPE SUPPORT SHOWN OAW BR BELT WIDTH 6-1/2" 10-1/4" RETURN IDLER IN SUPPORT SPACER CHANNELS USE WHEN DISTANCE BETWEEN DIVERTS EXCEEDS 10 FT. 6-7/8" "X" "X" Conveyor shown with optional floor supports Overall Width "OAW" Between Rail Width "BR" Belt Width Minimum Divert Centers Slaved Spur Length BaseWeight Conveyor Weight Per Foot Diverter Weight Slaved Spur Weight 18" 15" 12" 42" 57" 480 21 300 115 24" 21" 18" 54" 57" 570 23 365 130 30" 27" 24" 66" 57" 660 26 430 140 36" 33" 30" 78" 69" 750 29 495 175 NOTE: To calculate conveyor weight use the following formula: Total Weight = Base weight + gearmotor weight + (Conveyor weight per foot X Overall Length) + (Diverter weight X Number of diverters) + (Slaved spur weight X Number of slaved spurs) Gearmotor Wt. HP LBS 3 100 5 126 7.5 152 10 192 P S t r or o SortationSystems CATALOG | 08312018 PROSORT SC1 & SC2 BELT –Ultimate 140 BBS-Nitrile. BED –Roller bed with 1.9 in. dia.x 16 ga. galvanized rollers with ABEC-1 bearings spaced every 3 in. Mounted in 6 1/2 in.x 12 ga. powder painted formed steel channel frame bolted together with splice plates. DRIVE PULLEY –8 in. dia. with 1 11/16 in.dia. shaft at bearings, machine crowned and fully lagged. INFEED TAIL PULLEY –3 1/4 in. dia.“drop-in”pulley, machine-crowned. DISCHARGE TAIL PULLEY –6 in. dia. with 1 7/16 in. dia shaft at bearings, machine crowned. SNUB IDLER –Adjustable 2 1/2 in. dia. pre-lubricated ball bearings. RETURN IDLER –Adjustable 2 1/2 in. dia. pre-lubricated ball bearings. TAKE-UP PULLEY –6 in. dia. with 1 7/16 in. dia. shaft at bearings, machine crowned. TAKE-UP –Take-up in center drive provides 15 in. (heavy-duty drive) or 36 in. (high performance drive) of belt take-up. PNEUMATIC TENSIONER –Provides constant belt tension on high-performance drives. Supplied with regulator for 12-15 P.S.I.. BEARINGS –Sealed, pre-lubricated, self-aligning ball bearings with eccentric lock collars. Pre- lubricated ball bearings in tread rollers. DRIVE –Heavy-duty (1-3 diverts and less than 30ft OAL) or high-performance center drive, located at discharge end. Shaft-mounted gearmotor and variable speed controller, 230V or 460V- 3Ph. 60HZ. Horsepower based on speed and length requirements. TRACKING ENCODER –Provided on take-up pulley shaft. Contact factory for encoder specifications. BELT SPEED –Determined by application requirements. 300 FPM maximum. CAPACITY –Maximum unit package weight 75 lbs. Maximum distributed load of 4000 lbs. Maximum conveyor length is 150 ft. MAXIMUM NUMBER OF DIVERTERS –Double-sided with slaved spurs: 7 diverters (plus one positioning diverter). Single-sided with slaved spurs: 9 diverters. Single- or double-sided with non-slaved spurs: 12 diverters. FLOOR SUPPORTS –Now supplied as optional equipment. • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT FLOOR SUPPORTS –MS Type floor supports are available with a wide range of adjustment. Specify top of belt or roller elevation. One support required at every bed joint and ends of conveyor. Holes in feet for lagging to floor. Knee braces recommended above MS-6 support. TAKE AWAY LINES –Gravity spurs are available. Consult factory for recommendation of type and configuration. GUARD RAILS –Adjustable channel and fixed channel types available. BELT SKIRTS –Hide return belt. UNDERSIDE COVER –Attach to belt skirts to cover belt on underside of sorter. PROSORT LOGIX SC CONTROL PACKAGE –Provides complete controls for proper sorter operation. Contact factory for details. • STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS • STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS - DIVERTER CAPACITY –Maximum unit package weight –75 lbs. PACKAGE SIZE –Minimum: 6 in. wide x 9 in. long. NOTE: Small packages must not be top heavy. DIVERTER MECHANISM –Two banks of twin pivoting 3 1/8 in. dia. wheels with urethane treads driven by 3/8 in. dia. urethane belts. Double sided diverts not available on 18 in. OAW. AIR CYLINDER –32mm dia. bore x 7/8 in. stroke double acting. Dual cylinder for two-sided diverters. AIR REQUIREMENTS –Working pressure 30 to 40 P.S.I. depending on width. Free Air Consumption at 40 P.S.I., .024 cu. ft. per cycle. AIR VALVE –24 volt DC single solenoid 4-way air valve, two per single-sided diverter, four per double-sided diverter. AIR FILTER, REGULATOR –Supplied for main air supply line with 1/2 in. NPT ports. Required working pressure 30 to 40 P.S.I. DRIVE –Slave driven from main belt conveyor. POSITIONING DIVERTER –Diverter used at infeed of two-sided sorters to position packages for proper diverting. • STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS - POWERED SPUR BED –Roller bed with 1.9 in. dia.x 16 ga. galvanized rollers with ABEC-1 bearings and plastisol coating in spur area spaced every 3 in. Mounted in 6 1/2 in.x 12 ga. powder painted formed steel channel frame. DRIVE –Slave driven from main sorter conveyor. CONVEYING SPEED –Matched to main sorter conveyor. MOUNTING BRACKET –Bracket is supplied to attach spur to side channels of ProSort SC. BUTT COUPLINGS –Standard for connecting 190 ACC, 190 LRC, 190 ACZ, 190 LR, or gravity conveyors. FLOOR SUPPORTS –Now supplied as optional equipment.