Hytrol Catalog

CATALOG | 08312018 Chain Transfers are used to move products at right angles to adjacent or parallel conveyor lines. Air bags lift the transfer mechanism while powered chains transfer the product. Two or three strands of chain are available in either between rail (BR), conveyor to conveyor (CC), or Extended types. Chains run on UHMW poly- ethylene wearstrips to reduce friction. Can be used with Models 25-CRR, 26-CRR & 25-CREZD chain driven roller conveyors. CHAIN TRANSFER CONVEYOR TO CONVEYOR (CC) TRANSFERS "C" "C" "D" "A" "B" CONVEYOR TREAD ROLLERS 60" JUNCTION BOX "D" CL CL CL "X" "X" "X" "X" "B" "D" "A" "C" "D" CL CL CONVEYOR TREAD ROLLERS 60" JUNCTION BOX "E" 1" MAX. LIFT ABOVE ROLLERS TRANSFER CHAIN CONVEYOR CHAIN OAW BR CONVEYING SURFACE OAW BR CONVEYING SURFACE 12" MINIMUM 120" MAXIMUM AIR BAG TYPE CC-2 CONVEYOR TO CONVEYOR TWO STRAND TRANSFER TYPE CC-3 CONVEYOR TO CONVEYOR THREE STRAND TRANSFER VIEW “X-X” BETWEEN RAIL (BR) TRANSFERS "X" "X" CONVEYOR TREAD ROLLERS CONVEYOR TREAD ROLLERS "B" "A" "D" "C" "D" 60" CL CL "C" "C" "D" "D" "A" 60" "B" "X" "X" CL CL CL OAW BR CONVEYINGSURFACE TRANSFER CHAIN CONVEYOR CHAIN AIR BAGS 1" MAX. LIFT ABOVE ROLLERS "E" BR, CC, & Extended Types TYPE BR-2 BETWEEN RAIL TWO STRAND TRANSFER TYPE BR-3 BETWEEN RAIL THREE STRAND TRANSFER CATALOG | 08312018 Chart #1 Model Transfer Chain Size "A" Roller Centers "B" Strand Centers "D" "E" Min./Max. BR's "C" Two Strand Three Strand Two Strand Three Strand 25-CRR 2060 (CT-3000) 5" 2 1/2" 30" 20" 15" 10" 12" 37"-67" 6" 3" 24" 18" 18" 12" 37"-67" 36" 12" 25-CREZD 6" 3" 24" 18" 18" 12" 36" 12" 25-CRR 2080 (CT-4000) 5" NOT AVAILABLE 25-CRR 6" 3" 24" – 18" – 14" 43"-67" 36" 12" – 18" – 12" 47"-67" NOTE : Contact factory for transfers to be mounted in 4 in. roller centers. Chart #2 H.P. Transfer Chain Size Max. Unit Load (Lbs.) FREE AIR CONSUMPTION PER CYCLE "BR" & Extended Type Conveyor to Conveyor 3/4 C-2060H 3000 .22 SCF @ 100 P.S.I.* (4-airbag system) .44 SCF @ 100 P.S.I.* (8-airbag system) 1 1/2 C-2080H 4000 .22 SCF @ 100 P.S.I.* (4-airbag system) .44 SCF @ 100 P.S.I.* (8-airbag system) * Consumption ratings at mean sea level (14.7 P.S.I.). CAPACITY –See Chart #2 for maximum unit loads. TRANSFER CHAIN –C-2060H or C-2080H double pitch roller chain. (See Capacity Chart). TRANSFER SPEED –30 FPM (others available contact factory). DRIVE –230/460V–3 Ph. 60 Hz. gear motor 3/4 HP for C-2060-H chains. 1 1/2 hp for C-2080-H chains. Wired to outside junction box. MOUNTING –Complete unit mounts in 60 in. long 25-CRR, 26-CRR or 25-CREZD conveyor sections. Conveyor sections can be slave driven from tread roller of above models. ELECTRICAL CONTROLS –Not furnished as standard equipment. PNEUMATICS –Air bag lifts. Single solenoid 4-way valve with speed control muffler and quick exhaust valve. Requires maintained electrical signal of 115V–1 Ph. 60 Hz. from photo cell, limit switch, etc. (not supplied). Transfer will stay in raised position until signal is broken. Current consumption: .09 amps holding. AIR REQUIREMENTS –Minimum pressure 80 P.S.I, maximum 100 P.S.I See Capacity Chart for air bag size and free air consumption. NOTE : To eliminate contaminants in air supply line, a filter-regulator (FR) should be installed prior to air valve (not supplied as standard). 60" "D" "C" "A" "D" "B" CONVEYOR TREAD ROLLERS "X" "X" 8" 60" "D" "D" "C" "C" "A" "B" "X" "X" CONVEYOR TREAD ROLLERS 8" CONVEYOR CHAIN AIR BAG 8" MIN. 1"MAX. LIFT ABOVEROLLERS "E" OAW BR CONVEYING SURFACE TRANSFER CHAIN EXTENDED CHAIN TRANSFERS EXTENDED TYPE TWO STRAND TRANSFER EXTENDED TYPE THREE STRAND TRANSFER VIEW “X-X” • STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS