Hytrol Catalog

CATALOG | 08312018 9 13/32 8 7/16 Overall Width Between Rail Width Overall Length 8’ - 100’ 21 38 1/4 Allow 12” 59 2 13-9/16” 22 3/4 4” Dia. Tail Pulley 2 1/8” Dia. Snub Idler 1.9” Dia. Tread Roller 4” Dia. Take-Up Pulley 8” Dia. Drive Pulley End Guard End Guard Between Rail Width 15" 17" 19" 21" 23" 25" 27" 31" 33" 37" 39" Overall FrameWidth 18" 20" 22" 24" 26" 28" 30" 34" 36" 40" 42" Base Weight 670 693 716 739 762 785 808 854 877 923 946 Weight Per Foot 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 47 49 53 55 All weights in catalog are conveyor weights only. Accessories, crating, etc., are not included. Note : Bed sections available in the following multiples: 12" Zones–1', 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 9' & 10' 18”Zones–1 1/2’, 3’, 4 1/2’, 6, 7 1/2’& 9’ 24”Zones–2’, 4’, 6’, 8’& 10’ 30" Zones–2 1/2', 5', 7 1/2' & 10' 36" Zones–3', 6' & 9' Overall length must be divisible by zone length. Total Weight = 10' BaseWeight + per foot weight x extra length ABEZ Live Roller Conveyor (Zero Pressure Accumulating Type) The Model ABEZ is a horizontal belt driven live roller conveyor, designed for applications that require accumulation of products without a build-up of line pressure. Product may be released in singulation or slug fashion. • EZLogic ® Accumulation System • Singulation, Slug or Cascaded Slug Operation • Dynamic Zone Allocation • 4 Brake Rollers in Each Zone • Adjustable MS-Type Floor Supports Available Conveyor shown with optional floor supports SECTION “X-X” NOTE : 18”& 24”Overall Frame Width (24”& 30”Zones) -1Week Stockyard SET HIGH SHOWN WITH STANDARD DRIVE (Located in First Bed Section 8’ or Longer, From Infeed End) SET LOW SHOWN WITH HIGH PERFORMANCE DRIVE (Located in First Bed Section 9’ or Longer, From Infeed End) 48”Zones–4’& 8’ 60”Zones–5’& 10’ 72”Zones–6’ 84”Zones-7’ 96”Zones–96’ 120”Zones–120’ HOW IT WORKS The conveyor is divided into accumulation zones. Each zone extracts power from a flat drive belt that runs the entire length of the conveyor. The drive belt is pneumatically lowered away from the tread rollers, causing product in that zone to stop. Hytrol's EZLogic® Zone Controllers sense product presence and control the accumulation and release of product from the zones. OVERALL LENGTH 8' - 100' END GUARD 4'' DIA. TAIL PULLEY 21-5/8'' 14-7/8'' 2-1/8'' DIA. SNUB IDLER 1.9'' DIA. TREAD ROLLER 6'' DIA. TAKE-UP PULLEY 8'' DIA. DRIVE PULLEY 68-1/4'' ALLOW 12'' 2'' END GUARD OVERALL WIDTH BETWEEN RAIL WIDTH 1-1/2” 8-1/2” SECTION “X-X” U.S. Patent Numbers 7,243,781 • 7,591,366 7,905,345 Other Patents Pending. CATALOG | 08312018 ABEZ BELT –6 in. Black Ultimate 140 SD. BED –Roller bed with 1.9 in. dia. roller x 16 ga. galvanized tube spaced every 3 in. Mounted in 6 1/2 in. x 12 ga. powder painted formed steel channel frame bolted together with butt coupling. CROSS BRACING –Rods with turnbuckles are fastened to underside of bed to provide proper alignment of bed rollers and insure tracking. (1) supplied in first 50' of bed section lengths and (1) per 50' of bed section length thereafter. Supplied in approximate center of lengths. CENTER DRIVE –Can be placed in any section of conveyor 7’-6” or longer. Center drive is 18 in. OAW on all widths. DRIVE PULLEY –8 in. dia. with 1 7/16 in. dia. shaft at bearings. TAIL PULLEY –4 in. dia. with 1 7/16 in. dia. shaft at bearings, machine crowned. TAKE-UP PULLEY –6 in. dia. with 1 3/16 in. dia. shaft at bearings, machine crowned. SNUB IDLER –Adjustable 2 1/8 in. dia. pre-lubricated ball bearings. RETURN IDLER –Adjustable 1.9 in. dia. pre-lubricated ball bearings. TAKE-UP –Take-ups in center drive. Provides 16 in. of belt take-up. BEARINGS –Sealed, pre-lubricated, self-aligning, ball bearings on drive and tail pulleys. Pre- lubricated ball bearings in tread and pressure rollers. SET LOW CHANNEL – Added additional flanges to make the installation and removal of the optional cover simple. ACCUMULATION ZONES –12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 in. long air controlled. Includes 4 brake rollers to stop package. Section lengths change with zone lengths. (See Note opposite page). Note : 51 or more zones will require an additional IOP, isolation cable and power supply T cable. EZLogic ® ZONE CONTROLLER – Located in each zone. (Retro-reflective). NEMA 1, 2, IP 62. UL Approved. IOP –Provides 27VDC, 100 watt power for EZLogic ® accumulation system - contains slots for 4 input/output boards. Operates up to 50 zones (25 each side of IOP). Requires 120VAC or 230VAC single phase input. AIR REQUIREMENTS –Recommended working pressure 35 P.S.I. Free air consumption at 35 P.S.I.– .003 cu. ft. per sensor actuation. FILTER, REGULATOR –One filter/regulator is supplied for the main air supply line. (3/8 inch NPT port). Main air from compressor should be supplied to each filter/regulator. SPEED REDUCTION –Sealed worm gear C-Face speed reducer. No. 50 roller chain to drive shaft. MOTOR –1/2 HP–208/230/460/575V–3 Ph. 60 Hz. Totally Enclosed C-Face. CONVEYING SPEED –Constant 65 FPM. CAPACITY –Maximum load per linear foot of conveyor 150 lbs. Total load NOT TO EXCEED capacity in charts. FLOOR SUPPORTS –Now supplied as optional equipment. FLOOR SUPPORTS –MS Type floor supports are available with a wide range of adjustment. Specify top of belt or roller elevation. One support required at every bed joint and ends of conveyor. Holes in feet for lagging to floor. Knee braces recommended above MS-6 support. CONVEYING SPEED –Other constant and variable speeds. FPM. V-belt drive supplied under 17 FPM. Note : Capacity and accumulation feature affected with speed change. CENTER DRIVE WITH EXTENDED TAKE UP – Provides 36 in. of additional belt take up. HIGH PERFORMANCE UNDERSIDE CENTER DRIVE –Required on units over 100 ft long, maximim length 200’-0”(used with 2 HP, 3 HP or 5 HP motor and reducers). SIDE MOUNTED LOW ELEVATION CENTER DRIVE –Motor reducer unit mounted to side of conveyor. Minimum low elevation16 in. with old style and 18 in. with new style. PRESSURE SWITCH –Installed in air line after regulator unit. Kills conveyor drive when air pressure drops below minimum working requirements. Requires restart controller (not supplied). V-BELT DRIVE –V-Belt supplied between motor and reducer. Allow 65 in. O-RING DRIVE CHAIN –With sealed in lubricant (Recommended for applications that do not permit regular lubrication). GUARD RAILS –Adjustable Universal Channel Guard Rail. See Accessory section. Note : If product comes into contact with Guard Rails, product flow will be affected. Fixed channel overlapping-one direction. PACKAGE STOPS –Angle and raised roller end stops. POLY-TIER SUPPORTS –36 in. to 120 in. support heights in 6 in. increments. Knee braces required. CEILING HANGERS –5/8 in. dia. x 8 ft. long unplated steel rods fully threaded. Other lengths and galvanized rods available. MOTORS –Energy efficient, single phase, other characteristics. 2 HP maximum. ELECTRICAL MOTOR CONTROLS –Non-reversing magnetic starters and push-button stations. AC variable frequency drive. EZLogic ® – See EZLogic ® Components Page. LOAD CAPACITY CHART (Singulated) @ 65 FPM HP OVERALL FRAMEWIDTH 18" TO 22" OVERALL FRAME WIDTH 24" TO 30" OVERALL FRAME WIDTH 34" TO 42" TOTAL LOAD (LBS.) TOTAL LOAD (LBS.) TOTAL LOAD (LBS.) UP TO 50' UP TO 100' UP TO 50' UP TO 100' UP TO 50' UP TO 100' 1/2 2200 400 1200 – – – 1 6600 4800 5600 3200 4400 – 2 *7500 12000 *7500 10400 *7500 6600 *Limited to 150 lbs. per foot LOAD CAPACITY CHART (Slugged) @ 65 FPM HP OVERALL FRAMEWIDTH 18" TO 22" OVERALL FRAME WIDTH 24" TO 30" OVERALL FRAME WIDTH 34" TO 42" TOTAL LOAD (LBS.) TOTAL LOAD (LBS.) TOTAL LOAD (LBS.) UP TO 50' UP TO 100' UP TO 50' UP TO 100' UP TO 50' UP TO 100' 1/2 1100 200 600 – – – 1 3300 2400 2800 1600 2200 – 2 7000 6000 6400 5200 5800 3300 EZLOGIC ® ACCUMULATION SYSTEM Hytrol’sEZLogic ® ,or“ElectronicZero-pressureLogic”AccumulationSystem,combinesthesensingaccuracyofphoto-electronics with discrete electronic logic control without the use of a PLC or pneumatic logic components. The EZLogic ® Accumulation System provides many features including: Zero-Pressure Accumulation of Product Zone Stop function is built in. Any zone may be transformed into a workstation by connecting a dry contact switching device to the auxiliary port of the EZLogic ® Zone Controller. This feature is always used at the discharge end of the conveyor line, and may be used at any other location where a zone stop is required. Selectable Modes of Operation SingulationMode – Product separates while traveling down the conveyor and when it is released from the conveyor - creating a zone-length gap between products. Enhanced Slug Mode w/ Jam Protection – Product does not separate when traveling down the conveyor or when it is released from the conveyor. This allows higher product throughput at any given conveyor speed. Product will not separate on the conveyor even when accumulation has been activated at the discharge end. Cascaded Slug Release – Rather than releasing all zones simultaneously, this function introduces a momentary delay in the release of each zone, from discharge upstream. Dynamic Zone Allocation – Automatically adjusts the conveyor’s zone length to accommodate the length of the product being conveyed. Improves conveyor efficiency and system flexibility. • STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT