Hytrol Catalog

CATALOG | 08312018 190-LRC BED –Roller bed with 2 1/2 in. dia. tapered to 1 11/16 in. dia. x 14 ga. galvanized and 1.9 in. dia. roller x 16 ga. galvanized tube. Mounted in 6 1/2 in. x 12 ga. powder painted formed steel channel frame. END DRIVE –Mounted underneath bed section on outside radius. DRIVING BELT –Endless B-section V-Belt, industrial grade. PRESSURE SHEAVES –2 1/2in. dia. with 3/8 in. bore. IDLER SHEAVE –4 in. dia. x 5/8in. bore V type and/or 5 1/2 in. dia. x 5/8 in. bore flat type. TAKE-UP– Take-ups provided to maintain proper V-belt tension. Includes 4 3/8 in. dia. x 5/8 in. bore V type take-up sheave. BEARINGS –Tread rollers have pre-lubricated ball bearings. Flange and pillow block bearings are sealed, pre-lubricated with eccentric lock collar. BUTT COUPLINGS –Standard for connecting 190-ACC, 190-LRS, 190-LRSS, 190-ACZ, or 190-LR conveyors. SPEED REDUCTION –Sealed worm gear speed reducer driven by V-belt. No. 50 roller chain to drive sheave. MOTOR –1/2 HP–208/230/460/575V–3 PH. 60 Hz. Totally Enclosed. CONVEYING SPEED –Constant 65 FPM. CAPACITY –500 lbs. total distributed live load. FLOOR SUPPORTS –Now supplied as optional equipment. • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT FLOOR SUPPORTS –MS Type floor supports are available with a wide range of adjustment. Specify top of belt or roller elevation. One support required at every bed joint and ends of conveyor. Holes in feet for lagging to floor. Knee braces recommended above MS-6 support. CONVEYING SPEED –Other constant and variable speeds from 25 to 120 FPM. Note : Capacity affected with speed change. END DRIVE –Mounted on inside radius. Minimum elevation 18 7/8”. SIDE MOUNTED DRIVE –Motor reducer unit mounted to side of conveyor. Specify inside or outside. Minimum elevation 11 1/8 in. O-RING DRIVE CHAIN –With sealed in lubricant (Recommended for applications that do not permit regular lubrication). GUARD RAILS –Adjustable Universal Channel Guard Rail, fixed channel or type A & B angle. (See Accessory section.) Note : If product comes in contact with guard rails, product flow will be affected. POLY-TIER SUPPORTS–36 in. to 120 in. support heights in 6 in. increments . Knee braces supplied. CEILING HANGERS –5/8 in. dia. x 8 ft. long unplated rods fully threaded. Other lengths and galvanized rods available. SLAVE DRIVEN –Standard drive may be omitted and curve slave driven from 190-ACC, 190-ACZ, or 190-LR conveyors. (Specify by sketch, location of slave connection). Minimum elevation 11 in. MOTORS –Energy efficient, single phase, brakemotor, other characteristics. 1 HP maximum. ELECTRICAL CONTROLS –Non-reversing or reversible magnetic starters and push-button stations. AC variable frequency drive. DRIVE BELT 10’ MAX. DRIVE 10' MAX. 80' MAX. STRAIGHT DRIVE BELT DRIVE LRC SLAVE DRIVEN 10' MAX. 10' MAX. LRC SLAVE DRIVEN DRIVE BELT DRIVE CENTRALLY MOUNTED 60' MAX. STRAIGHT 10' MAX. LRC SLAVE DRIVEN 60' MAX. STRAIGHT DRIVE CENTRALLY MOUNTED DRIVE BELT LRC SLAVE DRIVEN LRC SLAVE DRIVEN 10' MAX. 10' MAX. Horsepower required to slave-drive LRC’s & LRCT’s from ACC’s affect the lengths of ACC’s due to the capacities of the driving V-belt. The four (4) arrangements shown, illustrate basic slave limitations. Other arrangements are possible. NOTES • CURVES MAY BE 30 ° , 45 ° , 60, & 90 ° • CURVES ARE NOT ACCUMULATING • SNUB ROLLER ADJUSTMENT IS ON DRIVE BELT SIDE OF CONVEYOR 1 2 3 4 • STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS