Hytrol Catalog

CATALOG | 08312018 190-E24SS The model 190-E24 24 VDC Live Roller Conveyor uses a series of 24 VDC motors to drive the tread rollers, eliminating the need for drive belts, chains, or line shafts. Quiet operation and ease of maintenance and installation are just some of the advantages. • All-Electric Operation (Power Supply Optional) • Adjustable MS-Type Floor Supports Available 190-E24SS 24 VDC 45°Live Roller Straight Spur • All-Electric Operation • Adjustable MS-Type Floor Supports Available 24 VDC 30°Live Roller Straight Spur SECTION X-X ECN DWGNO DESIGNEDBY CHECKEDBY HYTROL JONESBORO,ARKANSAS CONVEYORCO., INC. HYTROL DATE DATE MODELS STANDARDTOLERANCES UNLESSOTHERWISESPECIFIED FRACTIONS ±1/64 DECIMALS ±.005 ANGLES ±1° C 111111 11/8/2010 jfsmith THISDRAWINGCONTAINSCONFIDENTIAL DESIGNSAND INFORMATIONWHICHARE THEPROPERTYOFHYTROLCONVEYOR COMPANY INC.THISDRAWINGANDTHE INFORMATIONCONTAINEDHEREINMAY NOTBEDISCLOSEDORDUPLICATED IN WHOLEORPART,UTILIZED INANYOTHER WORK,ORUSEDFORMANUFACTUREOF DESIGNSWITHOUTTHEPRIORWRITTEN PERMISSIONOFHYTROLCONVEYOR COMPANY INC. DRAWNBY jfsmith DATE 11/8/2010 PAINTCLASS REVISION SPAREPART MFGCLASS X X OVERALL FRAME WIDTH 30° BETWEEN RAIL WIDTH 6 1/2 1/4 "B" "A" 1 1/2 DWGNO C X X "B" Note: Shown with option floor supports.