Hytrol Catalog

CATALOG | 07262019 138-ACC BED –Roller bed with 1 3/8 in. dia. roller x 18 ga. galvanized tube and 5/16 in. HRS hex shaft spaced every 1 1/2 in. and 1 3/8 in. dia. pressure roller x 18 ga. galvanized tube spaced every 3 in. Mounted in 6 1/2 in. x 12 ga. powder painted formed steel channel frame bolted together with butt couplings. CROSS BRACING –Rods with turnbuckles are fastened to underside of bed to provide proper alignment of bed rollers and insure correct product tracking. Supplied to section adjoining drive and every other section, 20 ft bed lengths and over. Supplied on bed lengths 9 ft and over. DRIVE –Mounted underneath, placed near center of conveyor. DRIVE BELT –Endless B-section aramid core V-Belt drives each section of conveyor. RETURN TAKE-UP SHEAVE –3 1/4 in. dia. x 1/2 in. bore flat idler has seven position adjustment to maintain proper V-belt tension. BEARINGS –Sealed, pre-lubricated ball bearings with eccentric lock collar on flange and pillow block bearings. Pre-lubricated ball bearings in tread & pressure rollers. SPEED REDUCTION –Sealed worm gear C-Face speed reducer. No. 50 roller chain to drive shaft. MOTOR –1/2 HP–208/230/460/575V–3 Ph. 60 Hz. Totally Enclosed C-Face. CONVEYING SPEED –Constant 65 FPM. CAPACITY –Maximum load per linear foot of conveyor 50 lbs. NOT TO EXCEED capacity in chart. FLOOR SUPPORTS –Now supplied as optional equipment. • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT FLOOR SUPPORTS –LS Type floor supports are available with a wide range of adjustment. Specify top of belt or roller elevation. One support required at every bed joint and ends of conveyor. Holes in feet for lagging to floor. Knee braces recommended above LS-6 support. CONVEYING SPEED –Other constant and variable speeds from 25 to 120 FPM. Note : Capacity and accumulation feature affected with speed change. SIDE MOUNTED DRIVE –Motor reducer unit mounted to side of conveyor. Minimum elevation with standard sheave retainer 10 in. With low elevation sheave retainer 8 in. 9 3/8 in. elevation at drive, 9 7/8 in elevation with standard sheave return. 8 in. elevation with low elevation sheave return (intermediate only). V-BELT DRIVE –V-belt supplied between motor and reducer. Minimum overall drive width 14 in. O-RING DRIVE CHAIN –With sealed in lubricant (Recommended for applications that do not permit regular lubrication). PACKAGE STOPS –Roller or pin type stops available, contact factory. GUARD RAILS –Adjustable Universal Channel Guard Rail, fixed channel or type A & B angle. See Accessory section. NOTE : If product comes in contact with guard rails, product flow will be affected. Fixed channel overlapping, one direction. Fixed channel nonoverlapping, reversing. POLY-TIER SUPPORTS –36 in. to 120 in. support heights in 6 in. increments. Knee braces supplied. CEILINGHANGERS –5/8 in.dia.x8 ft. longunplatedrods fullythreaded.Other lengthsandgalvanized rods available. MOTORS –Energy efficient, single phase, brakemotor, other characteristics. 2 HP maximum. ELECTRICAL CONTROLS –Non-reversing or reversible magnetic starters and push-button stations. AC variable frequency drive. The driving of the tread rollers on the HYTROL minimum pressure conveyor is accomplished with the top surface of a standard section endless V belt. The strength and wear qualities of the tread rollers and this belt have been thoroughly tested for continuous duty. To maintain the driving of the tread roller, the pressure roller is mounted in spring adjusted carriers (See Photo) which sense the required driving friction regardless of the length of accumulated load. This pressure can be maintained constantly to give a 2%minimum back pressure in either a forward or reverse direction. In the event of extreme changes in unit load (weight of box or package), convenient knurled thumb adjusting nuts can be turned to accept this heavier load. This method eliminates the need for selecting proper tension spring holes in trigger mechanisms or jogging cleats on driving belt and eccentric (off center) tread rollers. By maintaining a constant minimum pressure on the tread rollers, long loads may be conveyed, accumulated or stopped on the conveyor at any point using very little motor horsepower and giving practically no pressure between boxes or packages. • HOW IT WORKS Minimum Back Pressure (2% of Total Distributed Load) Tread Roller Knurled Thumb Adjusting Nut Spring Adjusted Carrier Conveyor shown with optional floor supports LOAD CAPACITY CHART @ 65 FPM HP OVERALL FRAMEWIDTHS–12" TO 24" TOTAL LOAD (Lbs.) UP TO 100' 1/2 1000 1 1500 • STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS