Hytrol Catalog

CATALOG | 08312018 A REFER TO SPUR CENTERS CHART OAW OAW OAW NOTE: DIMENSIONS SHOWN ARE FOR SPURS WITH SAME OAW AS DIVERTS SPUR CORNER TO FIRST DIVERT WHEEL 2”(REF) IN DOWN POSITION 14 3/4” DWGNO CHECKEDBY HYTROL JONESBORO,ARKANSAS CONVEYORCO., INC. HYTROL DATE MODELS STANDARDTOLERANCES UNLESSOTHERWISESPECIFIED FRACTIONS ±1/64 DECIMALS ±.005 ANGLES ±1° D 222222 INS CONFIDENTIAL ATIONWHICH ARE YTROL CONVEYOR RAWING AND THE ED HEREIN MAY NOT LICATED INWHOLE Y OTHERWORK, OR TURE OFDESIGNS RITTENPERMISSION RCOMPANY INC. DRAWNBY jfsmith DATE 7/7/2011 PAINTCLASS REVISION SPAREPART DISCHARGE END VIEW 11" OAW BR 19 3/4" 5/16" Dual Output Disconnect Panel (must be located at the center of conveyor) VFD Motor Single Output Disconnect Panel T - connector HyPower extension cable connected to next zone. VFD Transfer Motor Transfer Motor T-connector HyPower extension cable connected to next zone. PROSORT MRT 30 BELT - APH 150 HTS x 15/16”in. wide with alligator 125 staple lacing. BED - UHMW wear strip spaced every 3 in., Mounted in 6 1/2 in. x 1 1/2 in. x 12 ga. powder painted formed steel channel frame bolted together with butt coupling. END DRIVE PULLEY - 8 in. dia. with 1 3/16 in. dia. shaft at bearings, fully lagged. SNUB PULLEY - 4 in. dia. pulley with 1 in. dia. shaft at bearings. Drilled and tapped both ends for encoder. INFEED IDLER PULLEY - 4 in. dia. x 1 1/2 in. wide crowned sheave with precision bearings. PNEUMATIC TAKE-UP - Take-up provides 14 in. of individual belt take-up. 25 PSI max on filter regulator. Need one pneumatic take-up for every 75 ft. of conveyor length. AIR FILTER, REGULATOR - Supplied for main air line. RETURN ROLLERS - 1.9”dia. galvanized tube with ABEC bearings. With cardboard tube inserts. BEARINGS - Sealed, pre-lubricated, self-aligning ball bearings with eccentric lock collars. Pre- lubricated ball bearings in return rollers. DRIVE - Shaft mounted gearmotor 3 HP- 230/460/575V –3 ph.- 60 hz. energy efficient, with an AC variable frequency controller. BELT SPEED - Determined by application requirements including rate required, package size, and weight. TRACKING ENCODER - Provided on snub pulley in drive section. Contact factory for encoder specification. CAPACITY - Maximum unit package weight 75 lbs. Maximum distributed load determined by number of belts under product. (See chart.) 150 ft. maximum length. NOT TO EXCEED capacity in chart. FLOOR SUPPORTS –Supplied as optional equipment. FLOOR SUPPORTS - MS Type floor supports are available with a wide range of adjustment. Specify top of belt elevation. One support required at every bed joint and ends of conveyor. Holes are in feet for lagging to floor. Knee braces supplied with MS-7 supports and above. GUARD RAILS - Continuous adjustable channel, fixed channel or type A & B angle. NOTE: If product comes in contact with guard rails, products may not transfer. POLY-TIER SUPPORTS – 36 in. to 120 in. support heights in 6 in. increments. Knee braces supplied. MOTORS - Single phase, and other characteristics are available. For conveyor unit only. PROLOGIX CONTROL PACKAGE - Provides complete controls for proper sorter operation. Contact factory for details. PLUG-N-GO WIRING - Available with ProLogix Control Package. • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Maximum Live Conveyor Load Overall Width “OAW” Number of Belts Maximum Conveyor Load (Lbs.) 18” 4 1200 21” 5 1500 24” 6 1800 27” 7 2100 30” 8 2400 Close-up of Diverter Wheel Transfer • STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS - CONVEYOR • STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS - 30° DIVERTER WHEEL TRANSFER CAPACITY - Maximum unit package weight of 75 lbs. PACKAGE SIZE - minimum of 8 in. long x 6 in. wide TRANSFER MECHANISM - Series of 1 3/4 in. dia. precision bearing diverter wheels with. Driven by 1 in. wide flexproof endless polyester belt. AIR CYLINDER - (2) 40mm bore x 2in stroke cylinders. AIR REQUIREMENTS - Working pressure 60 P.S.I. Free air consumption at 60 P.S.I., .053 cu. ft. per cycle. HYPOWER DISTRIBUTED CABLING SYSTEM - Supplies distributed power to transfer motors. (See diagram.) Electrical Code: All motor controls and wiring shall conform to the National Electrical Code (Article 670 or other applicable articles) as published by the National Fire Protection Association and as approved by the American Standards Institute, Inc. Subject to local code and local customer acceptance. AIR VALVE – 24-volt DC single solenoid 4 –way air valve. MOTOR - 1/2 HP - 230/460 V–3 PH- 60 HZ Flange Mount Gearmotor. AC DRIVE –1/2 HP – AC variable frequency controller. TRANSFER SPEED- 275 FPM @ 60Hz 367 FPM @ 80Hz DISCONNECT PANEL 230V 460V 3 Ph. 60 Hz 3 Ph. 60 Hz SINGLE OUTPUT 1-3 TRANSFERS 1-6 TRANSFERS DUAL OUTPUT 4-6 TRANSFERS 7-12 TRANSFERS NOTE: Sorters over 50 ft. long require a dual output disconnect panel. Spur Centers Chart OAW Min Ctrs 18" 42" 21" 48" 24" 54" 27" 60" 30" 66" Products must be justified to divert side.